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I figured if I was going to draw a kinky Sherlock pic, I should draw also something pervy with Kirk/Khan to keep things balanced. XD

My obsession with Khirk continues.<3

The idea behind this pic is that they are lovers, but Khan was used to topping back in the 20th century, and he’s sometimes a bit embarrassed about the things Kirk wants to do to him, and which Jim claim to be a 23rd century thing…
(I like top!Kirk and bottom!Khan… though they do switch every so often.)

My headcanon is that Khan always topped because he was expected to, being an augment and the leader and all, in a more ‘savage’ time… but he secretly wanted to experience the other side as well, and see what the stories of amazing pleasure in surrendering oneself to one’s lover etc. were all about. But he couldn’t risk his reputation back in such a time period etc.
Now that he’s in a different century and with a lover who is amazingly experienced (even with non-Earth species!), he’s discovering an universe of pleasure he’d never imagined before…♥

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